Credit for ambitious growth


Backable Credit is a one of a kind venture founded to provide credit to rapidly growing startups in emerging markets. While working with startups for +15 years, we discover that growth requires more than just equity and hard work and are here to provide companies with debt to do so.


At this time we offer working lines of credits:

Who is it for
Venture capital backed SMEs
Loan Amount

One million dollars minimum. Maximum will be determined based on need.


60 Months unless otherwise agreed upon.

Interest Rate
Prime +4%
Interest only until maturity

Fully collateralized.


Primarily guaranteed by the borrower. Majority owners must agree to be secondary guarantors

50 Basis Points
How to apply
Start your application by connecting with a loan officer at

Do you have a portfolio?

We also have provide an array of financial services to improve your portfolio.

  • Loan Underwriting
  • Loan Servicing
  • Loan Brokering
  • Portfolio & Loan Review
  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Social and Sustainability Reporting Services

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